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Pict 3nd try
: : : You don't even need to have you skates strictly aligned with your feet if you do not ride parallel. Side stance rider Holger Sander deliberately has his skates aligned in a way that the strain on his legs is lessend.
: :
: : How did Holger Sander align his skates? Could you expand upon that?
: I thought it could be seen on the picture behind the link. How can I describe it better? For side stance, you need to put your skates at an angle of 180 degrees. With normal alignment, you also have to put your feet at that angle. The way Holger constructed his skates, this angle is significantly smaller.
: : Thanks! What I will probably do since my skates skate great now is just make a line with the inner and outter holes and put the longer trucks on that line. I think I will wait to do the skateboard trucks set up. I havent quiite yet been sk8n a year and think it will be another year before I start doing really cool tricks. So by then I want a really great set up for grinding too.
: I think you will have nice ramp skates. The most important thing is to have something to skate with and not to freak out about how to build the optimal setup. As you can see with Irene's skates, this will evolve anyhow. You will learn how to improve your setup by using it.

Very well stated. Thanks, Bernhard.
keep rollin'

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