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OUPS!!! important correction please
In my previous post I mixed up something:
This is right:
"The front of the shoe is centered such as the seen from the top, the front sides of the shoe are at equal distance from the front wheels"
I mixed up the following:
-this is reversed and wrong (sorry): "resulting in a front axis of the shoe about 1cm outside the axis of the plate..."
-the correct one is: "resulting in a front axis of the plate about 1cm outside the axis of the shoe"
This helps for right/left balance for both sidestance and parallel.
The heel block size is also important:
- "higher", better for parallell, help pumping, as you can flex more frontside with heel block than without
- "lower to negative", better for sidestance, as you get more outside rotation max feet angle when you stand on your heels, toes up.
Now you have to find a compromise for doing both, for me, it's 1cm heel size for my ramp setup (never bend the sole of the shoe).
Again sorry for the mix, and a drawing to illustrate it:

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