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: For my speed skates I center the skate main axis the same way. Like this, you are sure to balance equally your weight on both sides of the skate. Another tip: once you have placed your plates/boots, it's easy to mark the boot places for drilling with the white "paint" pen brush (Blanco?) you use for "erasing" writings on paper. It's very easy to mount the boots if you are carefull. Just a last thing: be very carefull to have the 2 skates mounted the same way (maybe 1mm max tolerance?). Have fun !!!!!

I do think I have it but lemme make sure I've got it one more time. So the center line is the same for normal or full length trucks right? I was told for speed/art boots you find the center at the heel and at the largest part of the ball of the foot then draw a line. Hopefully I am communicating this right because at your toes, in a speed boot the triangle veers towards the big toe. So there will be slight more wheel showing the closer to the tips of your toes that you get. I could get a snyder tool, but if I get it seems unnecessary.

Now I'm thinking of getting airplane wood for the plate and getting some skateboard trucks lol! Hey if I got how to center, that opens up my whole own setup if I want. Woo-hoo! How fun lol. Just if I do it the later way, it might be round Xmas time til I get it done due to money, work and classes next month. Not much time to mess around. I'll think about it!
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