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cephalopoid's definitive build-a-skate-thread
I've been posting my progress a little bit all over this forum, now I'll limit myself to this thread.

Check my photobucket
I just uploaded pics from last night and this morning.

I screwed up the first pair of plates because I wasn't thinking when I took a part of the curved end. Now I started in the rear, which also has a small curve, but this time it's not life-threatening in the "hey, where's my truck?" in the middle of an air kind of way.
You can see me marking to where I should sand exactly, after which I'll measure where the trucks should go.

Oh, and I accidentally posted my synthesizer setup, too. ^^
And you may see my spraypainted gasmask, used for clubbing as well as lung protection while cutting with my dremel.

Still gotta post the pics from cutting the first plates, which were quite spectacular with sparks and dust flying all over.

Captcha: fugger lead =)
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