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Drill press
: Well, I do already have locknuts. The only reason you can't see them in my picasa-pics, is because I wanted to save them for when I'm sure I'm finished.
: By the way, I keep uploading pics there. Have you guys already seen the session 9 album?
: I could use some ideas on how to (safely) drill through the boots' soles. Would be a waste of 85 precious bucks if I screwed that one up, and I wouldn't know how to hold it perpendicularly while drilling, whether it's with a drill press or a hand drill.

Hey! I was way behind on your Picassa pics!! You've done a lot. I like the Xsjado frames. Looks good! I take it you will bolt the angle stock onto the skis and then bolt the xsjados onto the angle stock?

To drill the boots, do not rush. I used a sliding bar clamp to get my plate centered on my boot. I drilled the mounting holes, with only the skateboard truck bases (hangers) on the plates, by clamping the (ski) plate to the boots and then drilling. I wanted all three of these components together for drilling so that the holes would line up. I also bolted the first drilled hole, in order to keep the plate in place while drilling. I ALSO bolted the second hole, which was cattycorner to the first hole, for the same reason. The last two holes were much easier.

It would be harder to do this if you already attached your frames. After drilling all your mounting holes, I'd the remove the plate, attach the frames, etc.., before fully mounting the plates to the boots.
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