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Boot to truck or boot to plate to truck?
: You could do to both of your trucks what I did to the rear trucks on my skates; and it would most likely solve your problem.
: I bolted the trucks to the skis with short bolts. Then, with strong clamps holding the plates to my boots, I drilled 2 more holes through the trucks and on through the boot. These 2 holes required 2 long bolts to attach the plates to the heels of my boot. You could do the same to your front trucks.

Yeah, that's exactly what I meant with the "short boot setup". The boots are connected indirectly to the trucks.
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with that setup. :D

: Note : I would not put a bolt anywhere where the sole of your boot is not touching (as in your picture) the plate. It might cause the bolt to pull through.

I think that problem would be solved by using spacers. I have lots of surplus nuts because of an error I've made while shopping, so I'll be using those as spacers. I don't believe it will rip. Paul did a very good job on the steel soles.
I gave him 3 cans of a good brand of beer, he deserved it. I'll take some pics of them. I completely forgot to do that, sorry guys...

So, I still wonder what zorg's setup is when it comes to bolts 'n' nuts.

Anyway, I'll do the "short bolt" or "indirect" or "whatever name you want to give it, it's the best in my case" setup.
Measure precisely, drill sloppily... I should have a drill on a stand that holds it vertically for these things. I wonder if it's cheap to come by for a dremel, and whether it's any good... To the goog(le)mobile!
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