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screwing nuts on
: Anyhoo, here's the question, as posted before here:
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: How to tighten locknuts without the bolt being fastened?
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: So, I'm trying to fasten my trucks to my diy-ed skates now, but one of the three bolts of the first truck is looser in it's hole than the other three. When I try to screw the locknut on, the bolt just turns along, and there's my sole on the other end. First mounting the trucks to the baseplate and then mounting the baseplate to the boot is not an option, as there's bolts fastening the plate under the trucks.

The way I see it is this :
your bolt heads cannot be accessed, as the bolts holding the plate were installed before attaching your trucks to the plate. Therefor, you must have had the bolts for the trucks already in the plate as you bolted the plate to the boots. Then, when you attach the trucks, the bolt spins because you cannot get a spanner or a screw driver to it. Correct?

Now, assuming I am right, the only solution would be the answers you got on the instructables website. The other solution is to rethink your mounting procedure. I made sure to attach my trucks to the 'ski skate plates' before attaching my plates to the boot.

I firmly mounted my rear trucks to the 'ski skate plate' using all four mounting holes. I drilled a 3rd set of holes through the 'skate truck' base plates, and on through the 'ski skate plate' and the boot. These holes were in between the existing holes on the sides of the 'skate truck' base plates. I used bolts that were long enough to go through the boot, plate, and truck all at once. Thus, firmly attaching all 3 at one time.

The front trucks were firmly attached to the 'ski skate plate' through the front holes of the front truck base plates. I used the rearward base plate holes to put 2 bolts through the boot, plate, and trucks, thus firmly attaching all 3 at one time, like with the rear trucks.

In this way, you will not ever have loose spinning bolts.

Man, I hope someone understands what I just said!! Whew!
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