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Practically finished the left skate.
So, guys, I think I've finished the left skate.
(Still have to cut into my shock pads, though, but that's a matter of half an hour or less.)

When I was asking for advice on whether to do both at the same time or first finishing the left one, then do the right one, I forgot they weren't perfectly mirrored, so doing them simultaneously wouldn't have made that big a difference.
Sorry for wasting your time, I think I was just looking for motivation, inspiration, and the saddest of them all, attention.
Although the finished left skate can be used to mirror the right one as well as possible.

If it turns out messed up, I know what's the first thing I'll do. Butcher another pair of skis. Mwahahaha

Anyway uh, I'm still making pics here and there, but I haven't found the camera cable yet, so it will still take a few days before posting a shitload of pics.

captcha: awful 135
Makes me think of radioactive elements, like cesium 137... but awful?
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