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Plate in the boot or t-nuts?
: Seems to be a nice guy.

I've had my experiences with this fella. The first time I heard the price of a good skateboard, the words came out of his mouth. I didn't know where I, a 13yo boy, could get that money from. Then I wasted some on toy decks before coming back later to him with some saved dough. But those are other stories.

: I'd go for it. As you can see from my howto, I used washers to protect the boot. Works reasonably well (well, it held up for 10 to 20 years, so I guess so). Some plates shaped after the boot should be even better.

It would be quite a luxury innerbootplate, indeed, now that I let the idea sink in.
I've been looking over setups listed in the "Resources" section, too.

I am way too impatient at the moment. The sun is shining almost every day now and I'd rather ride quads than inlines.
I've got a little problem with the baseplate now, I think, as there's not enough room for extra bolts and nuts around the front trucks. I see three solutions:
-Yours(provided you, the reader, post one)
-There may still be enough room under the truck (I hope that would provide enough stability, but I will need support in the breadth no matter what)
-Longer bolts which transcend from the boot holding the baseplate and the trucks

Insomnia sucks. I hate bipolar syndrome.
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