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: Claudines way looks very good, but making a wooden replica of my feet just takes too much time.

My line of thinking. But Claudine can't be beaten with respect to accuracy.

: Thanks for the encouragement, though. Seeing everyone skate on diyed setups, one sloppier made than the other, while everyone still rips it hard makes it easier to look at the marginal mistakes and shrug them off.

In the end only those who get their skates built will be able to skate them. There where also cases of overdesigned setups that never have been built and their ingenious designers having nothing to skate on. Well, maybe someday they will be back. At least you are not in this category. You have progressed too far not to complete the endeavour.

: captcha: Mr Naivety

He he. I think we all need to be a bit naive to think we can build our own skates. ;)
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