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Boot to truck or boot to plate to truck?
Let's call the setup that gets me long bolts going through all layers straight to the truck the "long bolts", and the one with bolts going from the boot holding just the plate, and the plate holding the trucks the "short bolt" setup.

While making the holes through the plate, I realised a lot can go wrong while marking and drilling the holes.
The boots cost 85 european cocainestraws, whereas the plates are for free from a source.

Now I thought, if I just have holes in the boots which are ready for use with any setting of the trucks, which means in a shortbolt setup, there's no risk in "drilling wrong".
If I screw up on a longbolt setup, it would be a terrible waste of resources!

Of course, this seems a lot like how the "Plate in boot or t-nuts?" thread ended, but I'd still like to hear your opinions.
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