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Drill press
: : I could use some ideas on how to (safely) drill through the boots' soles.
: Lookup Claudine's writeup of how she did it:
: : Would be a waste of 85 precious bucks if I screwed that one up, and I wouldn't know how to hold it perpendicularly while drilling, whether it's with a drill press or a hand drill.
: Well, I always was too impatient to do it in another way than holding the boot in one hand and the drill in the other. Most of the time I had to correct the holes. I found it always to be uncritical when the holes where a bit bigger.

Claudines way looks very good, but making a wooden replica of my feet just takes too much time.

You're right on the fact holes can be corrected, the problem is that you can't do it everywhere. But there has to be at least two holes keeping the bolt tightly in place.

Thanks for the encouragement, though. Seeing everyone skate on diyed setups, one sloppier made than the other, while everyone still rips it hard makes it easier to look at the marginal mistakes and shrug them off.

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