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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
Yeah, I basically made it to the top of the ramp pumping. :-D I was only a foot away. So I jumped on top and tried to drop in, but I did a butt plant instead! I squatted since it looked scary down and wasnt leaning forward enough I guess. They were all egging me on so had to do it!! The inliners seem to stand straight up but do I "kiss my knees" once I drop in? Thats kinda what I do when I transition. I swing my arms up, go up, around, then compress - kiss my knees, and stand up again. Any good videos for this?

What about when I hit the coping? For some reason that looks scary.....

What about spines? I can pump up that high now but what do I do if I get my trucks stuck lol? Do I just lean forward or do I smash my face then lol?

What about jumping over rails? Theres one about 10-12 inches high and they were telling me I should jump it. I jumped standing still to see how high I could jump and my skates only got up about that high so I chickened out. They said if I skated fast I would jump it. Any hints how to jump higher? I want to get another 3 inches before I try. Stomach muscles?

This is pretty exciting! I'm pretty darn PUMPED! But now I dont know what to do lol. I cant wait to get my hard wheels. I'm gonna take off!

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just THERE now! :):):):):):) WOO-HOO!!!!!
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