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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: Yeah, I was really psyched!! :-D Wow, several years? I'm only 8 months old, lol. But I've got to prove that my skates arent disco skates!! So I've got to get cookin.

They will continue to insist that you are riding disco skates. I know it is painful, but try to just ignore it. When they notice you get steamed up by calling your skates disco skates they will just use this to get you riled up. I made this experience again in January when discussing with the mother of a friend at his birthday party. I really lost my temper. :-( Maybe you should ask if they have Pom Poms for you. ;-)

: Should I try the higer ramps that are straight down instead of concave first?

I think a mini ramp is psychologically easier to master.

: It was only a 5 foot ramp but it starts almost vertical.

Sounds too steep to me. 5 feet transition radius definitely is too steep.

: Yeah, they are EVIL! So I'll probably end up dropping in again today lol.

The kids at the local skate park are also to blame that I started ramp skating.

: Its a big bump so thats why I though rolling over the top might mess me up somehow. OK, I guess next week wih the faster wheels I'll know!

There is some danger lurking up there, that's for sure! Hang-ups can be nasty. But as I said: The coping should help to avoid hang-ups.

: Some of the skateboarders go over the spine and get their boards stuck. They can just leave the board and run down. I cant. So not sure if all I got to do is lean forward or if this could get ugly.... I can skate that high so if I skate those ramps I'll be there.

Rollerskating is more dangerous than skateboarding. As you said: You can't get leave your skates ... But then, BMX is more dangerous still. You can fall into your bike and get hurt seriously.

: My friend said I jumped the SAME height. I have a 10-80 rail. Its only a wimpy 8 inches high cause for some reason I'm really afraid of jumping ON things. Dont know why. Even if its lower then the height I can jump. Its mental!

Be patient. You can't have everything at once.
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