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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: Yeah, I basically made it to the top of the ramp pumping. :-D I was only a foot away. So I jumped on top and tried to drop in, but I did a butt plant instead!

Congratulations! Took me several years till I did a drop-in.

: I squatted since it looked scary down and wasnt leaning forward enough I guess.

You are probably right about that. Can you drop into a smaller transistion? It's about the same for the bigger ones.

: They were all egging me on so had to do it!!

Bad kids! Alway the same ...

: What about when I hit the coping? For some reason that looks scary.....

There are several ways to hit the coping. When doing an air, the coping is your friend because it gives you an impulse into the ramp therefore minimizing the risk of doing a hang-up. When doing a lip-trick, the coping is also useful because it eases sliding and grinding and gives you more control. Finally, when doing an invert, the coping is also easier to grab than a bare edge.

: What about spines? I can pump up that high now but what do I do if I get my trucks stuck lol? Do I just lean forward or do I smash my face then lol?

Do you fear a hang-up?

: What about jumping over rails? Theres one about 10-12 inches high and they were telling me I should jump it. I jumped standing still to see how high I could jump and my skates only got up about that high so I chickened out. They said if I skated fast I would jump it. Any hints how to jump higher? I want to get another 3 inches before I try. Stomach muscles?

Try to jump up when speeding. Then try it beside the rails. Let someone look if you are high enough.
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