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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: : Really, no skaters???? Wow, my park has lots of them. But on boards mostly. Just no one out of high school nor really ever a girl. I saw 2 girls one day and that was that. I've been going now for a good 2 months.
: Well, the place I am skating st the moment is the miniramp at Kirchzarten
: Not much of a skate park, but I like the ramp.
: : Well, this kid didnt actually help me in a nice way, just made me more determined lol! Everyone else there is nice to me tho.
: It seemd that there always has to be such a sicko. If he is happy in his ways ...
: : : Then you probably have got the technique about right. Dropping bigger ramps is not much different. It's a mental thing.
: : :
It is mental. Straddling your feet helps and lean forward, stay compressed. I'd rather fall forward than backwards to my butt. Not much difference on smaller ramps. You will get it real soon! ;-)
: :
: : Yeah, it is MENTAL mostly I think, lol, OK, how much for therapy lol? ;-D
: Therapy would be free for you. But the expenses would be vast! Just think of the flight!
: : Tell me about it, women and their center of gravity, it only goes DOWN. Yeah, we all have these enormous butt magnets that sucks them down bigtime lol. Its really funny in a dance class lol, oh well, never mind. Trust me on this one.
: ROTFL! Sit-Ups are a good idea to get you started. Also just doing some jumps on skates. For the first tries, something very insignificant will do perfectly. Just something small lying around, e.g. a bottle. Or better even, ask one of the kids if you can jump over his skateboard. Then you can pile of more of those.

When jumping, concentrate on getting your knees up towards your stomach/chest area. For rails, etc. try a curb (to grass if you can). Start by stalling one foot, just step up and back down. Then plant one foot, then the other til you can jump and stall both feet. Then it's just comfort level and progression.
Don't let those kids razz you into doing stuff your are not ready for. Go for it and have fun. Big fat ego problems there, I see....
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