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I made it to the TOP! Now what?

: Its good that you are getting along. Where I skate there is on one else most of the times. And when there is, it's mostly teenagers practising drinking alcohol. :-( The last time at least there was a biker. That was nice!

Really, no skaters???? Wow, my park has lots of them. But on boards mostly. Just no one out of high school nor really ever a girl. I saw 2 girls one day and that was that. I've been going now for a good 2 months.

Well, this kid didnt actually help me in a nice way, just made me more determined lol! Everyone else there is nice to me tho.
: Then you probably have got the technique about right. Dropping bigger ramps is not much different. It's a mental thing.

Yeah, it is MENTAL mostly I think, lol, OK, how much for therapy lol? ;-D

: Maybe you don't need to jump that high but rather pull up your undercarriage. That would get you over the rail. To be more precise: Your center of gravity hasn't to go up as high as the obstacle, you just have to get your skates that far off the ground.

Tell me about it, women and their center of gravity, it only goes DOWN. Yeah, we all have these enormous butt magnets that sucks them down bigtime lol. Its really funny in a dance class lol, oh well, never mind. Trust me on this one.

Well, least my legs are long for my height. So I got 32 inches, woo-hoo! Now to get my knees up beyond my hips. I think that is mostly stomach muscles. OK, will do some killer situps now. If you know of specifics, I'll do em. No more lazies anymore...... :-D
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