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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: : :: Well, the place I am skating st the moment is the miniramp at Kirchzarten
: :
: : Hey, that ramp looks similar to mine! But both sides are the height of the right side, its rubber and the flat isnt as long. That ramp is really popular since its lower and all one piece so its smooth, no asphalt. Its also a little more slippery then the others so you can roll faster. I love it!
: Actually the ramp in Kirchzarten is symmetric. It only appears of differnet height and somewhat elongated because of the extreme wide angle lens I used for the pic.
Hey, thats a pretty cool camera! Once money isnt tight, I'm definitely going to be checking into some camera/video equipment. By that time too, I'll have some cool stuff to show and remember from!!

: : Yeah, therapy starts this weekend with bringin my wimpy 8 inch p-rail into the grass where I learn to jump and fall/roll when I mess up. :-D And I shall roll away with a smile! I hope.......
: The grass is OK for checking how high you can jump, but not for practicing the jump over the rail. For this, you just jump off the floor, the forward movement comes from speeding on the skates and is preserved because of inertia. If you practice jumping over the rail on the grass you actually learn the wrong thing.

Would it be OK to start to learn to jump ONto the rail? I got home not that long ago and was checking out the area. I could put it by the sidewalk too to get a rolling start...... I think I need to practice how to fall from a dive in the air too, into a roll. If I can get that down, then I wont have any fears. I guess I can jump onto it a couple times in the grass, then move it to my concrete patio or find an empty lot, somewhere, somehow lol. I know when I hit the grass I will most likely fall. Usu. do. Grass messes me up somehow. I could practice stall first there too?

I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. Its been on/off drizzly. I think that would mess up my grind plate.
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