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I made it to the TOP! Now what?

: They will continue to insist that you are riding disco skates. I know it is painful, but try to just ignore it. When they notice you get steamed up by calling your skates disco skates they will just use this to get you riled up. I made this experience again in January when discussing with the mother of a friend at his birthday party. I really lost my temper. :-( Maybe you should ask if they have Pom Poms for you. ;-)
LOL! Well this kid actually helped me out yesterday when I finally got up the ramp! So it has its benefits. I was pretty stoked yesterday. I know its going to be another year at least, but I will make him eat his words!! Yeah I'll show him and show him good. Did I mention I'm mostly German? We can be stubborn lol!
: Sounds too steep to me. 5 feet transition radius definitely is too steep.
Thats are lowest ramp we have unless you talk about the fun boxes. I can already do those. Most are 5-6 feet and some 8 feet, but there are fun boxes in between those. I guess I just got to lean forward and GO FOR IT! We dont have super beginner stuff at the park, nor the real vert either. Lisa mentioned to me how that the small ramps arent so good to start off on cause the transitions are too tight. I wish there were like 3 feet ramps with transitions, not flat, to start.

So : : Yeah, they are EVIL! So I'll probably end up dropping in again today lol.
: The kids at the local skate park are also to blame that I started ramp skating.
Yeah, when you are standing there and everyone is waiting for you to go, stairing at you, egging you on, all is lost lol. But it rained today and tomorrow I cant skate after work. So right now I'm MAD. :-( Had I known I would have skated the streets earlier. It was a holiday today and no skating, bummer. I just dont want to skate the park tired cause thats when I risk hurting myself. Well, next time they say risk of storms, I'll consider it meaning it WILL rain.
: : My friend said I jumped the SAME height. I have a 10-80 rail. Its only a wimpy 8 inches high cause for some reason I'm really afraid of jumping ON things. Dont know why. Even if its lower then the height I can jump. Its mental!
: Be patient. You can't have everything at once.

I'll take the jumping slowly. A lot of its mental. But if you have any hints on how to jump higher and with more power, I'm all ears! ;-D I think I need to work on stomach muscles. I'm just kinda, um-well, lazy lol. Sometimes I do plyometrics but the recovery time on those is long and my calf muscles turn into knots. I need to get in better shape somehow!
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