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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
:: Well, the place I am skating st the moment is the miniramp at Kirchzarten

Hey, that ramp looks similar to mine! But both sides are the height of the right side, its rubber and the flat isnt as long. That ramp is really popular since its lower and all one piece so its smooth, no asphalt. Its also a little more slippery then the others so you can roll faster. I love it!

: Therapy would be free for you. But the expenses would be vast! Just think of the flight!

Yeah, therapy starts this weekend with bringin my wimpy 8 inch p-rail into the grass where I learn to jump and fall/roll when I mess up. :-D And I shall roll away with a smile! I hope.......

: ROTFL! Sit-Ups are a good idea to get you started. Also just doing some jumps on skates. For the first tries, something very insignificant will do perfectly. Just something small lying around, e.g. a bottle. Or better even, ask one of the kids if you can jump over his skateboard. Then you can pile of more of those.

Yep, time to get some serious knee lifting going on! Great idea about the skateboard tho.
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