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I made it to the TOP! Now what?

: Congratulations! Took me several years till I did a drop-in.

Yeah, I was really psyched!! :-D Wow, several years? I'm only 8 months old, lol. But I've got to prove that my skates arent disco skates!! So I've got to get cookin.

: You are probably right about that. Can you drop into a smaller transistion? It's about the same for the bigger ones.

Should I try the higer ramps that are straight down instead of concave first? It was only a 5 foot ramp but it starts almost vertical. Thats whats scary. But I just need to be more commited to drop in I guess. The fear causes me to lean back, stand up. And strattle my legs some? I might wait another 2 weeks until I get my new wheels and adjust to them. I ususally watch the others for a bit til I get it. Seems to have a few roller bladers now and they are better to watch for this one.
: : They were all egging me on so had to do it!!
: Bad kids! Alway the same ...

Yeah, they are EVIL! So I'll probably end up dropping in again today lol.
: There are several ways to hit the coping. When doing an air, the coping is your friend because it gives you an impulse into the ramp therefore minimizing the risk of doing a hang-up. When doing a lip-trick, the coping is also useful because it eases sliding and grinding and gives you more control. Finally, when doing an invert, the coping is also easier to grab than a bare edge.
Its a big bump so thats why I though rolling over the top might mess me up somehow. OK, I guess next week wih the faster wheels I'll know!

: Do you fear a hang-up?
Some of the skateboarders go over the spine and get their boards stuck. They can just leave the board and run down. I cant. So not sure if all I got to do is lean forward or if this could get ugly.... I can skate that high so if I skate those ramps I'll be there.

: Try to jump up when speeding. Then try it beside the rails. Let someone look if you are high enough.

My friend said I jumped the SAME height. I have a 10-80 rail. Its only a wimpy 8 inches high cause for some reason I'm really afraid of jumping ON things. Dont know why. Even if its lower then the height I can jump. Its mental!

So I thought I would take that in the grass and jump on it. Then raise it later. Dirt hurts less then asphalt! Guess thats the way to ease into it. Just like I slowly went up the ramps. I wish I could jump much higher though! But I never did sports where jumping was involved. I'm 5'1", so that means I'm vertically challenged to begin with lol.
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