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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
suns out finally here :-D
Yep, I'm lucky!!

But that really is one cool camera! Well, hopefully one day soon I'll at least have a cheapo video camera so I can see myself skate. Nothing expensive, those kids might break it lol.

I'll start practing jumping tomorrow.

I just got my rat-bones wheels and they MIGHT actually fit! :-D They arent quite centered for the bearings, so now I'm way too excited!!!!!!!

I just asked my coworker if I could take an hour or 2 vacation today. sun is out, no rain, I'm ready to go! She laughed and said no cause I guess shes leaving early already. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I'm ready to start jumping and bouncing off the sides of the walls here lol. New wheels and I'm pretty excited!!
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