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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: LOL! Well this kid actually helped me out yesterday when I finally got up the ramp! So it has its benefits.

Its good that you are getting along. Where I skate there is on one else most of the times. And when there is, it's mostly teenagers practising drinking alcohol. :-( The last time at least there was a biker. That was nice!

: Did I mention I'm mostly German? We can be stubborn lol!

Yup. There seem to be a lot of Americans with a German heritage. When I went to woodward in 2004 I also visited a friend of my mother. She did not speak German, but said "we Germans are pretty resourceful".

: Thats are lowest ramp we have unless you talk about the fun boxes. I can already do those.

Then you probably have got the technique about right. Dropping bigger ramps is not much different. It's a mental thing.

: I'll take the jumping slowly. A lot of its mental. But if you have any hints on how to jump higher and with more power, I'm all ears!

Maybe you don't need to jump that high but rather pull up your undercarriage. That would get you over the rail. To be more precise: Your center of gravity hasn't to go up as high as the obstacle, you just have to get your skates that far off the ground.

: ;-D I think I need to work on stomach muscles.

That definitely help. Also useful in the ramp, esp. for lip tricks.
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