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I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: When jumping, concentrate on getting your knees up towards your stomach/chest area. For rails, etc. try a curb (to grass if you can). Start by stalling one foot, just step up and back down. Then plant one foot, then the other til you can jump and stall both feet. Then it's just comfort level and progression.
: Don't let those kids razz you into doing stuff your are not ready for. Go for it and have fun. Big fat ego problems there, I see....

Yeah, my knees only go up to my hips for now. :-( So thats the prob. But I guess I need more stomach and quad strength. But I'll work on that! I did do stalls on a 5 inch curb, rofl, its a start right? It was a lot of fun too so think once I get over my "mental" problems, lol, I'll really dig some of this stuff.

Hey, once I build up to jumpin that rail in secret, I'm going to do a 360 over it, then jump and slide down the rail, then I'm going to put my skate up to that kids face and laugh and tell him to kiss my skates, lol! Now that would be really sweet!! Uh-oh, now I'm acting like a 12 yr old......opps. :-D

But I'll show them sum REAL stuff, just give me a year.......thats only fair.
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