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thank you! :-)
This is very helpful! For hands down, you mean close to the ramp?
I think I get it. Feet slightly strattled too? OK, holding my breathe now hoping that it doesnt rain today and I can skate! I think I'm turning blue lol. I might watch, but I might try again. When I feel ready, I'll do it!

I really wish I had a video camera. Even my digital camera is messed up right now. I have to take the battery out each time for it to work. My brother has an old camera and I'll ask him about that but right now he just got married and I'm sure hes rather "busy" lol.

I wish there were older people there cause when I finally do get one, I worry that they kids might mess it up. For them, money has no value. They skate talking on their cell phones even! I dont even have one lol.

I'll have to check into cheap ones. But also the inliners seem more erect when they skate. I feel like I get down much lower. Or maybe I just feel that way just like when I would go down from the 3 foot tall fun boxes I felt like I was diving at first! Otherwise I would smack my butt when I first tried that. Now I dont feel that forward. But I guess I'll have to feel that way dropping in.

: For your first drop-in:
: - stand on the coping on one feet, the 2nd on the platform,
: - bend your knees
: - when your are ready to go, put your 2nd feet on the coping (knees always bent), put your upper body forward and you go down
: For the first tries, stay focused on knee bent, upper body forward during the descent and till you reach the other curved side (try to even to keep your hands down)
: In order to cope with the coping:
: -try to land on one feet, then the other and roll on the plateform
: -then you can try to combine coping/rolling/dropin, etc
: As a next step on small ramps/curbs, you can try to put your 2 foot on the coping at the same time, stand, jump turn and dropin. For the first tries, very often you have too much speed and continue rolling on the platform, so bend your knees before you reach the coping, jump a bit, and land knees bent (a bit) on the coping, hands at the vertical of the coping.
: Hope this helps!!! Then you can learn slides/grinds!!!!
: Don't hesitate to take movies of your run and others, by analysing them you will see what are your errors (head, shoulders and hand placements are very important)
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