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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
I made it to the TOP! Now what?
: : Actually the ramp in Kirchzarten is symmetric. It only appears of differnet height and somewhat elongated because of the extreme wide angle lens I used for the pic.
: :
: Hey, thats a pretty cool camera! Once money isnt tight, I'm definitely going to be checking into some camera/video equipment. By that time too, I'll have some cool stuff to show and remember from!!

I do have a quite extensive photo equipment. SLR body (for film), four lenses, two flashes (well I lent one to a friend who fails to give it back since years), tripod, remote control and more nice stuff.

: Would it be OK to start to learn to jump ONto the rail?

That's also a useful excercise. You can also try to jump 180s and 360s on flat ground.

: Grass messes me up somehow. I could practice stall first there too?

You can do this. Will be different in the ramp, though. The fun box is probably better suited to come closer to stalls in the ramp.

: I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. Its been on/off drizzly. I think that would mess up my grind plate.

The weather ist wet and cold her since two weeks. I'm starting to get the blues. I Want to try out my re-shaped skates!
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