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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: : The question is: What do you mean by "the narrow ramp trucks"? But you can decide the question very easily: Just put the skates on the coping and see if you can get metal to metal.
: :
: : And congrats on your progress in the ramp!
: I'm still pretty excited about my progress! :-D
: Here are the ramp trucks I'll be getting:
: Trucks 2 7/8 - Axles 5 2/8 wide

I see. You won't be able to use skateboard wheels on those narrow trucks, however. This will limit your choice of wheels. But I do understand that you are intimidated by the wider trucks.

You have to try them out and find out what suits you. At one point I riding smaller wheels. I had to change back to a bigger diameter because the small ones wouldn't get me anywhere on a big ramp.

: I'm not getting them until I master all the basics though and I'm ready to do all the grinds. Hopefully soon! :-D But when I get them, I'll certainly test them out.
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