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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: Well, I know theres this one tool that extracts them, given they arent fixed that is, but I think that costs around $200-$400! So its a touch over budget lol.

That's a bit expensive. Better to know someone who has the special tool.

: : You seem to be quite full of ideas and resources. Maybe you could write up your experience some day for inclusion in the how-to pages.
: :
: Sure will do! The more info thats out there, the better!! :-D

Great! My new slider holders are making progress, too. I have to drill some holes and to countersink them. But first I have to get the tool for this. I suppose it's a bit cheaper than the price range mentioned above.

: I really agree on this one! Thats why I'm trying to go short bits practically daily.

It's great when one can go to a skatepark (nearly) every day. For me it's once or twice a week.

: The artistic skaters I know, play HUGE importance on equipment, really expensive stuff too. Some of them even practice in $100 dresses lol. For outdoors, a well fitting boot and appropriate wheels seem to be the most important because those can really mess you up. Least its not $800 plates. :-O

I never understood why those plates are so expensive. But I also do not know anyone who has them and can explain it to me.
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