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:: Depends. It's an issue with the screws mounting my boots. I want to have them flat for comfort. It's also an issue if the surface has to be flat because it is mounted to some other flat surface. E.g. the plate or the heel spacer.

OK got it! I guess if I cant find that tool for a good price, then the bigger bit will do. Not as clean of a job but gets it done

: : Well also with artistic skating, not sure how to say this, but its very elitist I"m finding. That also drives up the cost. That turns me off since I'm very down to earth.
: I experienced the same thing here in Freiburg. There is a group of quite good artistic skaters but they tend to be very snobby. I always liked the vertical roller skaters more. With maybe one exeption they alway welcomed newcomers and never turned them off.
: : Some of my friends want me to compete now since I picked it up fast but its not for me. I find the parks are a lot more fun and challenging too.
: But be prepared that there won't be many of your kind near you!

Well, they wanted me to compete ARTISTIC. If you add up the $100USD dress, different one for each competition (I wouldnt lol!), the entry fees, monthly club fees, top of line equipment ($1200+ skates!!), lessons several times a week $20 each, transportation costs, then add in you pay for your coach to travel with you, hotel fees, etc. THATS not for me!! I like the $35/yr membership to the skatepark, free lessons on occassion, ample times its open, 1 mile away.

I dont know if I would compete in that either if I got good cause I would look old lol. I ran competitively in college so I got my metals. They are in a box now. I just want to have fun!

I agree, didnt want to say the word snobby though since some of them are nice. I dont believe in that. Especially some of the dance skaters who even walk with their noises up in the air! Which I dont get cause dance skating is more practice then talent. I like to see them do a double axel or pump a ramp even lol. But here some of the inline aggressive skaters are snobby too. Whatssup with that? I dont want to associate with those types of people. Yeah, I think the skaters here are really cool!!
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