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: : So what are good 58mm skateboard wheels 92-96a not wider then 37mm? Hum, hum? ;-D
: Why would you want wheels of such a small diameter? Those are even smaller than my inline aggressive wheels. It would cut way down on the speed needed for climbimg ramps.

Cause my trucks are regular trucks, I dont think I could put anything wider then 37mm for a skateboard wheel because there isnt much room on the inside. I tried on a 35mm one and there was no more then 3mm room left!! Lisa also recommended this and she's pretty darn good if you ask me. :-D

I might have to put aside this idea and work on figuring out how to make the 3 inch narrow ramp trucks able to use skateboard wheels. Besides ramps, I like to jump! Landing on a narrow wheel base while rotating in the air will have me falling over sideways right now. If I liked that narrow feeling, I wouldnt hate inlines so much lol. I tried those aggressive inline wheels on the ramps and it was very unstable.

So you think I should go with the green or yellow radar tuners then or the zodiacs? I'm leaning towrds the yellow zodiacs maybe..... That might be my best bet for now until I get the wider trucks. Then small skateboard wheels would be great! I just cant afford to buy a couple sets of wheels so once I put them on, I'll have to live with it. I donno, sometimes I want wider trucks NOW.
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