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: : Here are the ramp trucks I'll be getting:
: :
: :
: :
: : Trucks 2 7/8 - Axles 5 2/8 wide
: I see. You won't be able to use skateboard wheels on those narrow trucks, however. This will limit your choice of wheels. But I do understand that you are intimidated by the wider trucks.
: You have to try them out and find out what suits you. At one point I riding smaller wheels. I had to change back to a bigger diameter because the small ones wouldn't get me anywhere on a big ramp.

I've been trying to find out if there is a way to make the axels longer so I can use skateboard wheels. The only way I know of so far is to replace the axel with a high strength bolt with a head on one side and a bolt on the other. That I think would ruin my trucks quickly since I would have to remove it if I ever needed to take off a wheel. So I'm not really up for that. I dont think there are longer axels I can put in there, not that I know of. But if there are, I'm listening!

I am leaning towards a speed wheel. Should I use the same hardness that I use indoors? I've been asking around. The ramps are mostly this slick rubber material, but my 85a's sometimes are sticky on transitions. I just dont want to feel like I'm skating on ice! Would a more narrow jam wheel be a good idea too? Some have speed groves in them and not sure if thats a good idea or not.

After messing with the aggressive inline wheels, I def. dont want a small wheel. Doesnt roll well for me either.

Hey, any videos to different quad grinds? I know of some but I would like to see what I can do. I'm not there yet but I got a short rail here and I want to start messing around on it with what I have.

I really LOVE the videos. I'm learning a lot from those. Roller skating is different from skatebaording and inlining, like both and like neither. Mostly all I watch are the boarders. Everyone heres been really nice and helpful!! I think quad skaters are the best. :-D
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