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: Well, I tried to bang with my metal mallet out the hangers from my dominions just now since they would take skateboard wheels. Stuff started to fly off the table so I stopped lol! Maybe they are intact? I know some are. Then the last thread was flattened so I had to use my stone file to flatten it out.

Probably a case of the wrong tools. I think you would need a tools which is called "Durchschläger" in German (can't find an English translation). It is a punching tool with a flat tip. But you are quite well off. I know a roller skater who ruining his threads by forcefully putting metric nuts on them.

: But I might start searching for some narrow skateboard trucks. I want to build a setup with skateboard trucks on and a wooden plate!

Sounds good.

: It will take awhile. I also want to build a pair of freestyle/trick street skates with the trucks forward and a more responsive plate. I was a studio art major and design/build lots of stuff. I used to dig stuff out of the dumpster at the last apartment and got an A++ in my design class lol. I even made furniture that way! So I dig doing this stuff. But I need more time to learn the correct way to do things; otherwise, it would be an expensive learning means.

You seem to be quite full of ideas and resources. Maybe you could write up your experience some day for inclusion in the how-to pages.

: So for now I'm searching for speed wheels so I can start working my way up the ramps.......

The wheels will help. But nothing can replace exercise and technique ...
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