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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: Hum.........couldnt I just use a larger bit to sink them in?

That's surely a way to improvise. A counter bore is more precise, though.

: Or would a rounded head be an issue?

Depends. It's an issue with the screws mounting my boots. I want to have them flat for comfort. It's also an issue if the surface has to be flat because it is mounted to some other flat surface. E.g. the plate or the heel spacer.

: But Lisa thinks those wide skateboard wheels might fit. I'll check it out and post if they do. I dont think so on reg. trucks. Least I can return them!

That's very nice.

: Well also with artistic skating, not sure how to say this, but its very elitist I"m finding. That also drives up the cost. That turns me off since I'm very down to earth.

I experienced the same thing here in Freiburg. There is a group of quite good artistic skaters but they tend to be very snobby. I always liked the vertical roller skaters more. With maybe one exeption they alway welcomed newcomers and never turned them off.

: Some of my friends want me to compete now since I picked it up fast but its not for me. I find the parks are a lot more fun and challenging too.

But be prepared that there won't be many of your kind near you!
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