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: : : Does running affect power in skating?
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: : I fear that I cannot provide a scientific answer to that question. I'd say that running has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and on lung capacity. Probably also a positive effect on some muscle groups needed for ramp skating. But not all. I find that I also need the filet and abdominal muscles which I do not improve noticeably by running.
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: : : Thats what I really want now! I have been thinking about starting to run some, probably interval type of running. I dont want to develop too many slow twitch fibers.
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: : You obviously know much more about muscle groups and types than me.
: I was a kinesiology/physiology/pre-med major for 3 years so I understand basics of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. It really helps me out! I became a good runner not due to pure talent, but from hard work and good training. It took me 2 yrs to get good. But I dont quite understand training for power. Power is strength and speed. That comes from fast twitch muscles. You can switch slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers actually, but I'm not so sure the extent. We are born with a certain composition. I just want mine to yield power nowadays!
: I think if I ran, doing intervals would be best, anaerobic - fast twitch and would help. Thats where you run fast for a couple minutes, then jog a couple, repeat. I'll start that on days where I'm rained out. I'll ask my coach next time I talk to him on training more for power and speed. Well, sitting on my butt on non skate days isnt productive and this winter, there are no indoor skate parks. I want to be more fit!

My assumption is distance running is good for stamina, which would be good for vert skating so you can take longer runs. Skaters need strong thighs, but like swimming/gymnastics, uses all muscle groups.
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