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: Back in "The Old Days" (TM), there have been roller skaters here in Germany who shortened skateboard trucks. They pulled out the axles, sawed off the trucks, shortened the axles, cut new threads on the axles and put them back in the trucks. I have to admit, however, that I never tried such an operation myself. I also can't comment on how feasible it really is.

Sounds more complicated then the bolt idea. Threading is beyond me lol.

Well, one day when I have spare money or spare parts, I will toy with the idea of taking out the axel, putting in a bolt. I'll try out the speed wheels I guess for now unless I can get concrete ideas that sound more feasible. I just enjoy wheels that make NOISE for one! I have some roll-line panthers indoors and they sound like an airplane taking off. Its really cool!

: I have seen people skate the ramp with wheels with grooves in them. So it should be OK. And yes, 85a is way too soft. As I said, for me even 93a is too soft, but you (being feather weight) could get along with it.

I'm leaning towards the radar tuners if I can get a good price/maybe ebay. They are wide which I might like for now and the tite is about 93a. I could get some super cheap radar demons, 95a, but didnt hear good things about those. I was thinking when I go wide, I could try the more narrow zodiacs. That would give me more area to grind too I guess. The idea of sliding on my plate sounds like fun!
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