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: I've been trying to find out if there is a way to make the axels longer so I can use skateboard wheels. The only way I know of so far is to replace the axel with a high strength bolt with a head on one side and a bolt on the other. That I think would ruin my trucks quickly since I would have to remove it if I ever needed to take off a wheel. So I'm not really up for that. I dont think there are longer axels I can put in there, not that I know of. But if there are, I'm listening!

Back in "The Old Days" (TM), there have been roller skaters here in Germany who shortened skateboard trucks. They pulled out the axles, sawed off the trucks, shortened the axles, cut new threads on the axles and put them back in the trucks. I have to admit, however, that I never tried such an operation myself. I also can't comment on how feasible it really is.

: I am leaning towards a speed wheel. Should I use the same hardness that I use indoors? I've been asking around. The ramps are mostly this slick rubber material, but my 85a's sometimes are sticky on transitions. I just dont want to feel like I'm skating on ice! Would a more narrow jam wheel be a good idea too? Some have speed groves in them and not sure if thats a good idea or not.

I have seen people skate the ramp with wheels with grooves in them. So it should be OK. And yes, 85a is way too soft. As I said, for me even 93a is too soft, but you (being feather weight) could get along with it.

: After messing with the aggressive inline wheels, I def. dont want a small wheel. Doesnt roll well for me either.

Too narrow, but that's necessary for dry ice skates.

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