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: : So you think I should go with the green or yellow radar tuners then or the zodiacs? I'm leaning towrds the yellow zodiacs maybe..... That might be my best bet for now until I get the wider trucks. Then small skateboard wheels would be great! I just cant afford to buy a couple sets of wheels so once I put them on, I'll have to live with it. I donno, sometimes I want wider trucks NOW.
: I have a set of Radar Speed Rays 70 mm 95A's but I don't know nuttin about any of the other Radars.

Like em, do they stick at all? Turn sharp well? I might get the orange witch drs. now. I want width I think so I get used to the wideness. They are 95a and no speed grooves, more like a skateboard wheel I think and reasonably priced. I just dont want to put on skinny skateboard wheels to where my wheels dont even extend beyond my boot! Thats too narrow for me until I go wide, especially if I want to do jumps. I might as well skate inlines then lol.

Actually, switch my trucks back. I think the pivot pin is a slight different length on the marathon. The cushions never sat flat even when I rotated them. Now the action is much better. So now I need to either look into narrow skateboard trucks or keep searching on making the narrow ramp trucks skateboard wheel compatible. But hey, now my trucks dont squeak!
:-D That was kinda fun taking the trucks apart.
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