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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: : Great! My new slider holders are making progress, too. I have to drill some holes and to countersink them. But first I have to get the tool for this. I suppose it's a bit cheaper than the price range mentioned above.
: :
: So what type of tool do you need to do this? Exactly what is counter sinking?

The tool is called a "counter bore", I think. But those words are from the dictionary. I attach a drawing with a counter sunk screw. I think this will be sufficiently clear. I just bought a counter bore this evening. The counter sinking for my skates had been done by a friend who is in Australia now. Therefore I now had to buy the tool for myself. Wasn't too expensive. About 10 Euro.

: I think I almost understand how to make a vert. skate but the mounting of the trucks I'm still not sure of.
: I might go with those 3 inch trucks if they are the same width as the narrow ramp trucks. I'm not sure how heavy they are compared to my set up but they skateboarders would also love them. I also was told from bones that the roller bones are not much different then the skateboard wheels.

The most critical attributes are diameter and hardness. I don't want wheels with a smaller diameter than 60 mm for the ramp.

Thanks for your explanations about the artistic plates. Makes a lot of sense!

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