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: Great! My new slider holders are making progress, too. I have to drill some holes and to countersink them. But first I have to get the tool for this. I suppose it's a bit cheaper than the price range mentioned above.
So what type of tool do you need to do this? Exactly what is counter sinking?

I think I almost understand how to make a vert. skate but the mounting of the trucks I'm still not sure of.

I might go with those 3 inch trucks if they are the same width as the narrow ramp trucks. I'm not sure how heavy they are compared to my set up but they skateboarders would also love them. I also was told from bones that the roller bones are not much different then the skateboard wheels.

: : I really agree on this one! Thats why I'm trying to go short bits practically daily.
: It's great when one can go to a skatepark (nearly) every day. For me it's once or twice a week.
Things come up so it hasnt been everyday but I hope it gets there soon until fall! Then I have 2 night classes. :-(

: : The artistic skaters I know, play HUGE importance on equipment, really expensive stuff too. Some of them even practice in $100 dresses lol. For outdoors, a well fitting boot and appropriate wheels seem to be the most important because those can really mess you up. Least its not $800 plates. :-O
: I never understood why those plates are so expensive. But I also do not know anyone who has them and can explain it to me.

Couple of reasons. 1) Some metals like titanium are COSTLY. Just look at bikes. 2) Precision is very important to art skaters. A very reactive plate is not needed/wanted for aggressive. Super accurate responsive plates cost a lot. Not sure exactly WHY they have to cost so much, but if there is need for it, they can charge more I guess. Plus most people think more money means more quality too. Sometimes yes, but many times no. Its kinda like trying to scrape off one second for a mile race. People will fork over tons of money to do that! Aggressive skating is not as much about fancy equipment, just sturdy equipment, quality lies more on the skater I think.
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