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: : I just started skating this past winter. Only skated maybe 3 times in my life before then. I was a competitive distance runner. Held the college record for the 10K! Had foot surgery and quit shortly after that. When I got really competitive and had a scholarship, it became stressful rather then fun. Now I run a mile and I'm tired lol. Skating is MUCH more fun although I did enjoy racing.
: Skating is indeed much more fun and more challenging. Maybe more fun because of that. I myself cut back my amount of running because I started skating. I'm still running to keep fit, however. Also had a knee surgery last year but now the knee isn't a problem any more when running.

Does running affect power in skating? Thats what I really want now! I have been thinking about starting to run some, probably interval type of running. I dont want to develop too many slow twitch fibers. I want to be as fast and powerful as I can. It rained today so the park was closed. I need to find something off skates to really get me into shape for the park.
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