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: : Well, they wanted me to compete ARTISTIC. If you add up the $100USD dress, different one for each competition (I wouldnt lol!), the entry fees, monthly club fees, top of line equipment ($1200+ skates!!), lessons several times a week $20 each, transportation costs, then add in you pay for your coach to travel with you, hotel fees, etc. THATS not for me!! I like the $35/yr membership to the skatepark, free lessons on occassion, ample times its open, 1 mile away.
: : :-D
: I guess if we factor in the time we spend building our skates they are quite expensive, too. Even if we calculate only a modest hourly rate. ;-)
: : I dont know if I would compete in that either if I got good cause I would look old lol. I ran competitively in college so I got my metals. They are in a box now. I just want to have fun!
: I didn't quite get that. Did you compete running, or did you compete skating?

I just started skating this past winter. Only skated maybe 3 times in my life before then. I was a competitive distance runner. Held the college record for the 10K! Had foot surgery and quit shortly after that. When I got really competitive and had a scholarship, it became stressful rather then fun. Now I run a mile and I'm tired lol. Skating is MUCH more fun although I did enjoy racing.
: : Yeah, I think the skaters here are really cool!!
: I think so, too. :-D
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