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Missing Skating
: Lol yea, hmmm skating with a kilt now thats an idea ;) We got a few really good skateparks round here, notably Evolution which aint far from me in North Ayrshire is good, and Kelvingrove in Glasgow is sweet in the summer.
: Used to frequent the quadskating forums a while back, may have seen me on there Im the man with the hat. Hairs short now though, thats prob why ya didnt recognize me, lol. Al

Hey, cool video! I'm skating on the same type of ramps at the skatepark too. I just started tho. The only trick I've mastered so far is the assplant lol. I saw that at the end of the video and it cracked me up cause it reminds me of me. :-D

I'm the only person here with quads. Basically the only female also. Just got aggressive ones from Lisa and I LOVE em!! I keep looking for videos to watch of quad skaters so I can get all the basics down like transitions, grinds, stalls, etc. I just fly over stuff usually tho lol.
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