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Missing Skating
He Roller_Dudette, be carefull with RollerSkater Dave, he knows everything and he blew up my cover also LOL:

BTW, for learning vert:
Each session:
-Pads up (all armor) and warm up slowly skating smoothly on flat/vert,
-learn to fall on your knee pads on the flat then on the curve, to slide with them
-make large turns higher and higher on the ramp, make front/rear back and forth learn how to "pump" and gain speed
-when you turn on the curve, try to jump a bit and to catch your skate with your hands and to land a bit higher (don't have to success, just try)
Practicing few hours twice a week, you will learn fast and keep enough energy for the next sessions!!!!
Have fun!!!
To help you, try to see some vids of my kids on

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