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RollerSkater Dave (videos by RollerSkater Dave) (pictures by RollerSkater Dave)
: : : : He Roller_Dudette, be carefull with RollerSkater Dave, he knows everything and he blew up my cover also LOL:
: : : :
: : :
: : : Oh, I should have gone with SuperGirl!! Darn, next time huh?
: :
: :
: : She's also a sex addict but we won't go on about that stuff. ;-)
: OK, I just spit water all OVER my computer, lol! Now whats up with that? Tryin to ruin my rep? Better be careful, I may be little but I sure as heck can grind your face with my new plates then stick your inlines up your butt, rofl! :-D

I don't think you could lift one of my inlines dudette dear.

: BTW, who is the lucky guy? Would like to meet him. Right now I'm married to my skates tho and they do quite excite me. :-D
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