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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Missing Skating
: Bernhard: This site was where i learnt how to make my skates.

That's awesome! So the site actually did achieve its original intention. Wow!

: I just cant believe i didnt join the forum earlier. very friendly atmosphere.

Indeed. Roller skaters seem to bee the nicest people on earth. Especially with repect to other (vertical) roller skaters. ;-))

: i myself dont conform lol, jus annoys me when im tryin to enjoy skatin and ive got ppl hasslin me askin why im not ridin inline.

Let them be. They are trying so hard to conform. Sometime I think this is just a very basic difference in character.

: But as u say, its all about the fun, And ya cant carve wi inlines like ya can on skates. Keep it up man, your skatin is awesome, jus wish i could do side stance. Can only hold it for a bit, then i have to switch back to parallel.

I do ride parallel myself. I do very little side stance.
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