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Missing Skating
: : Hey, cool video! I'm skating on the same type of ramps at the skatepark too. I just started tho. The only trick I've mastered so far is the assplant lol. I saw that at the end of the video and it cracked me up cause it reminds me of me. :-D
: :
: : I'm the only person here with quads. Basically the only female also. Just got aggressive ones from Lisa and I LOVE em!! I keep looking for videos to watch of quad skaters so I can get all the basics down like transitions, grinds, stalls, etc. I just fly over stuff usually tho lol.
: Where bouts u located?
: When I first started I fell over a lot. Still do, lol. It is kinda hard when theres noone else who does it near u, basically hav to come up with your style all by yaself. Either that or watch people on forums like these, and try doin what they do.
: Best ppl to hang with are skateboarders, as they ride trucks too, and they also seem to dig the quad look. Also help ya out with lip tricks. Rollerbladers are good for learning drop ins and air tricks, but they dont seem to get quads, always goin on about why dont ya inline.
: Maybe if enuff of us do aggressive quad then we may get recognized more, lost count of how many times ive been at a skatepark and kids are like >????? wot are those they aint inline. can you grind with them???? how do u drop in with them???
: Start puttin ma vids on my myspace when i get back into it.
: Take it easy, Al

Yeah, please post some videos because all I have to watch at my skatepark are usu. boarders. Sometimes inliners come but they keep to themselves and just mostly grind on things. I like the boarders a lot tho! I usu. hang around the 12 yr olds lol.

I live in Maryland, USA. It seems like everyone around here thinks you turn into glass or something once you hit 20. The first day I walked in I got some really strange looks. Not sure if it was cause I was a girl or my quads, its my quads. Now its fine. They still dont get why not inlines though.

But I"m going Monday. I think some of the boarders will think my new skates are really cool. The assplant I'm still working on lol. I hurt myself pretty good last time I did that! Then I did it again minutes later. :-O

But since you skate the same surface as I do, can I ask, what wheels/hardness do you use? Do you have your trucks tight, med, loose? Trying to ask around to see what most use but most vert skaters skate inside or on concrete it seems, not on asphalt too. I started with kryptos 70mm 78a, and they are too big/heavy and sticky for me. Makes spinning on the ramps hard. I still have regular trucks though too.

Thanks! I wasnt going to poke my head in here since I new but glad I did. :-D
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