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Missing Skating
The trucks I'm going to try are the narrow ramp trucks which dont take skateboard wheels unless I take out the axel and put in a heavy bolt. I dont think thats such a good idea? I'm pretty small person so I dont think I could handle the wide ramp trucks without killing myself.

So I'm left with roller skating wheels and lost here. I was thinking about art wheels, but dont know.

So far I like REDS best, never tried more expensive bearings but I heard they feel the same. I'm skating with ABEC 1s now outside. When I get new wheels, I'll upgrade. I read ABECs are all the same. The ratings arent geared towards rollerskating so Bones are better.

I"m fairly fit now! I go skating almost everyday. :-D I def. need more power though and always can get stronger. I used to be a competitive distance runner so I always have had stamina. Mostly I need better balance on the ramps right now. Half of its in my head I think lol.

But nope, havent dropped in on vert. yet! :-O Once I can pump it then............yeah! Right now I look down and its pretty scary.......

I just need to get the balance part on vert. Hey, 4 more hours til skating lol!!!! :-D

: Yea it took me a while to get a setup i was comfy with. Ive heard either kryptos or street bones are good wheels to go for, aint had the time or money, what with having a kid and all. Soon as she's old enough she's getting quadded up and taught the ways, lol.
: Also what bearings are you using? Street bones also make sweeet bearings, although anything above an abec 3 seems to do me. Im currently running on abec 5s. Theres so much you can change that it's mostly just trial and error, cos evryones different.
: Yea most of it is in ya head, learnt tht when i first dropped into a 5ft ramp. Stood there for ages looking down, and it just seems higher when ya up there.
: Lol @ Zorg, that is one quality picture.
: I myself need the exercise, become a bit unfit. Went for a skate yesterday and i was knackered after 10 minutes. Also made the mistake of not wearing kneepads. Not a good idea.
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