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Allan (videos by Allan)
Missing Skating
Yea it took me a while to get a setup i was comfy with. Ive heard either kryptos or street bones are good wheels to go for, aint had the time or money, what with having a kid and all. Soon as she's old enough she's getting quadded up and taught the ways, lol.
Also what bearings are you using? Street bones also make sweeet bearings, although anything above an abec 3 seems to do me. Im currently running on abec 5s. Theres so much you can change that it's mostly just trial and error, cos evryones different.
Yea most of it is in ya head, learnt tht when i first dropped into a 5ft ramp. Stood there for ages looking down, and it just seems higher when ya up there.

Lol @ Zorg, that is one quality picture.

I myself need the exercise, become a bit unfit. Went for a skate yesterday and i was knackered after 10 minutes. Also made the mistake of not wearing kneepads. Not a good idea.
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