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: : So guess I'll have to wait until my 12 yr old turns 18 lol.
: You better hope his parents don't find out in the meantime.

Well, supergirl wants superMAN. not superboy, lol, so he'll have to wait. I seem to like my guys twice my size, lol. His parents will LOVE me though. I'm easily well liked. I talk to everyone, lol.

BTW, in my family, the whole idea of age has been shattered. My stepmom is younger then I am! She chases my old pop around and hes young, healthy and happy cause of it. Hes a charmer so he lucked out! I visited them in Florida a couple years ago. My dad let us go out clubbing together. It was helarious!! People in my family do whatever the hell they want lol.
: : -Demi
: Oh, so it's Demi now, eh! You just can't decide on a name for yourself, can you?

Demi gave all women the same rights as men! I was told boy toys are kinda fun........hum. :-D I cant find a guy my age now that isnt glued to the remote and 6 pack or totally mest up rofl. Thats pretty boring if you ask me! I'm not kicking my feet up anytime soon. I still want to play hard.
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