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Missing Skating
: Hi Claudine,
: great to see another female roller skater here. Now there are quite a few! As for the ass plant: I recommend putting some thick foam rubber in your trousers. It dampens the impact significantly.

Actually, I do have these bulky butt pads already from triple 8. Their foam is actually not that dense tho. I guess since I'm pretty tiny, they feel enormous and restrictive and dorky and freakin HOT, so I need to come up with something better lol.

Is the foam rubber like that stuff they use to put workout equipment on? I really just need the tailbone area mostly. I might try that and make something less restrictive later. Right now I added a plastic shield until I learn to fall better. Or I might just cast my butt in metal lol. I havent been to the skatepark in 3 weeks now because of this :-( so got to wear something. I really LOVE skating!!

: : : Best ppl to hang with are skateboarders, as they ride trucks too, and they also seem to dig the quad look. Also help ya out with lip tricks. Rollerbladers are good for learning drop ins and air tricks, but they dont seem to get quads, always goin on about why dont ya inline.
: Because roller skates are more fun? A what the heck. We don't need to do the things which conform to the masses. I also have been asked a lot when I will switch to inlines. I alway responded that I tried them out when the person asking didn't even know that there was such a thing and that I liked the roller skates better for ramp skating. For hockey I prefer inlines, though.
: I'm glad that you poked your head in here and shared your experiences!

Well, I dont like inlines myself. I tried on a pair of quads and never regretted it! They are just too much fun!!!! I dont say much, just that I like em. I've never been one to follow the crowd either. ;-) I like the skateboarders a lot though. And I respect them since I dont know how to flip a board myself.

But I"m glad I found this forum. Hopefully I can learn a lot.
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